We offer the following services. If interested, contact us in the contact form on this site or send email package requests or inquiries to bradgrunner@gmail.com.

Contest Prep

For the serious competitor focused on being the best they can be on the day of a bodybuilding or figure contest. Plans include detailed training program, individualized diet, advice about supplementation, and weekly reassessments for the duration of your preparation period. Constant communication via telephone, emails, and texts are part of the program, as are posing and presentation critiques.

Online Coaching

For those who already know their way around the gym, but desire expert advice on how to specifically tailor training programs and dietary details to optimize their results. This can be individuals who simply desire to get into better shape, or even more advanced trainers and competitors who do not require a coach to physically show them how to perform specific exercises.

Personalized Diet & Training Program  

For anyone from all walks of life, beginners, intermediates, even those who consider themselves experienced, but would like an objective, expert opinion on constructing a training and dietary program that will address their specific individual needs.
Online Training and Contest Prep Packages
20 weeks: $1000
16 week package: $900
12 week package: $700
Per Month: $250
Personalized Diet and Training Program Design
One time fee: $200